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Do these questions resonate for you?

  • Were you “voluntold” that you have convert your classroom course to online delivery?
  • Are you feeling like converting your course is an unpaid “add on” to your job?
  • Do you find that learning new technology reduces your productivity as well as drains your energy and time?

We’ve been asking faculty from colleges and universities all across the nation. Listen to what your colleagues said.

We get it.

We totally get it. We heard you loud and clear.

  • You don’t want to spend time figuring out how to get your course online.
  • You absolutely don’t want to learn yet another software.

How can I fast track getting my course online?

If you have a syllabus, you can take advantage of ClearAlignment’s intelligent database.

If you can copy/paste, you can benefit from ClearAlignment’s powerful engine.

You can get student engagement with using ClearAlignment’s automated course design.

Let’s gets started.

"We were looking for a partner who understood our organization, could analyze any given situation, and develop effective solutions to achieve the desired objectives. Were also looking for someone who knew how to orchestrate large and complex projects smoothly, possesses extraordinary creative design and multimedia skills, and had a deep understanding of technology. We found that with Dr. Sara Tarr."

Andrew Katzen


How does ClearAlignment work?

You can fast-track your course conversion using ClearAlignment’s automated system.


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Professors and Professional Partners

Why should learning objectives, activities and assessments be aligned?

Simply put, an aligned course means that everything matches up so that

  • Students learn what you intend
  • You accurately assess what students are learning.

What’s the risk when objectives, activities and assessments are out-of-alignment?

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