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Online courses are the new normal. Don’t let fear of the unknown slow you down. Keep your students in school this fall and give them the best education possible.

You need to keep students enrolled.

If students must return home later in the semester in response to a stay-at-home order, classes will have to be online. And if they’re “online” the way they were in the spring, it’s just not good enough. Students will drop out, and the school will not survive financially. You will face permanent closure.

Get classes online now and save your school.

Easy, Fast Process

No faculty or staff training required. Ten courses online in two weeks.


Quality Education

Syllabi converted to a clear, student-centered format.


Confident Faculty

Faculty coaching that helps faculty feel confident teaching online.

We care about education, yes. But we also care about you, your students, and your school. You deserve to be successful, and so does your school.

We have helped deans and faculty just like you get more than 1,100 courses online.

  • 1,100+ courses converted to online format
  • 100,000+ smart, satisfied students
  • 100+ proud professors

Course Conversion

Transform any syllabus into a clear course map any student can follow.

Even when you give your faculty a syllabus template, course syllabi are all over the place. They lack clear objectives. They are focused on content rather than skills.

CourseMap® is a one-of-a-kind automated design software tool that converts any syllabus to a clear, student-focused set of instructions. Students know what’s expected, learn what they’re supposed to, and build key skills along the way.

Faculty Coaching

Coaching that helps faculty get their courses online and be better teachers.

Lots of faculty members have little or no experience with online teaching. If you don’t have quality online courses, your school may not survive.

CourseAdvisory® is a coaching service that helps faculty members quickly learn how to teach online. Students have an excellent learning experience, and you maximize retention.

Course Audit

Streamline your annual program reviews and the re-accreditation process.

Annual program reviews and the re-accreditation process are time-consuming and frustrating for your internal team. It takes too much time, and it’s frustrating to dig through every syllabus to find the relevant information.

CourseCalibration® is a review service that streamlines the process for your team and puts hours back in their day.


4 Steps to Keep Students Enrolled This Fall & Beyond

  1. Schedule a demo.
  2. Send us your syllabi.
  3. Get courses online
  4. Maximize revenue and save your school

ClearAlignment reframed my understanding of the course design process. It aligned my intent, activities, and assessment cohesively and simply. My thanks to the team for their efficiency and genuine care.

Dr. Dana Hart, LeMoyne College Healthcare Management Program Director

We were looking for a partner who understood higher ed, could analyze our curricular gaps, and develop effective solutions to achieve the desired objectives. We found that with ClearAlignment.

Professor Andrew Katzen, Syracuse University

ClearAlignment helped me quickly reorganize my class and map it to standards. Their rubrics make assignments easy to grade. My class complies with AACSB standards. Best of all, I understand how to better guide my students through the requirements of the class and give them a variety of activities that stimulate their minds.

Professor Joseph Zaccaro, Towson University

Tackle your fear of the unknown, keep students enrolled, and save your school

If you’ve been waiting and wondering about the right time to take courses online, wait no longer. That time is now! You need to get your classes online or it’s likely your school won’t survive the pandemic.

ClearAlignment is a software tool that allows you to move your classes online, fast. We write clear learning objectives that are aligned with standards. Then we make sure every activity, reading, and assessment helps the student achieve those objectives. Your faculty can easily integrate the transformed syllabus into any Learning Management System.

You maximize retention, graduation rates, and tuition revenue. Students get a quality online education and stay in school. Faculty are comfortable teaching online and become better teachers. The school not only survives the pandemic, it thrives.

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