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A Golden Alliance: Office of Academic Innovation, Towson Incubator and ClearAlignment

The ClearAlignment team is extremely honored and proud to be working with Towson University (TU) to provide course alignment services for faculty. The Office of Academic Innovation (OAI) is providing incentives for faculty in all six TU Colleges to have alignment analyses performed on their syllabi. Towson’s unique Gold Review Process is a comprehensive course review and instructional design support system based on the Quality Matters (QM) Standards and feedback from faculty tell us that the analysis reports from ClearAlignment are extremely helpful for Gold Review course revisions.

OAI is also sponsoring ClearAlignment workshops designed to help faculty convert their face-to-face courses to online delivery. This workshop series is another example of OAI’s collaborative relationships and partnerships. It’s through such innovative partnerships that OAI is building a culture of collegiality, trust, and faculty leadership, acknowledging the roots of TU as Maryland’s premier teaching institution of higher education.

Founded by a veteran instructional designer, ClearAlignment is a member of the Towson Incubator that focuses on educational technology (EdTech).  Fellow members of the Towson Incubator emphasize the potential of Ed Tech software to free up instructors’ time. By shifting some of the burdens off the instructor, EdTech software solutions can raise the performance of an entire class and improve individual students’ outcomes.  These benefits enable EdTech solutions to create efficiencies, cut costs, promote standardization, and democratize access.

The ClearAlignment team is benefiting in so many ways by being part of the Incubator with their mentoring services, learning and networking opportunities, and industry / academic introductions. Indeed, it was Frank Bonsal, the Incubator’s Director, who introduced me to Jane Neapolitan, OAI’s Assistant Provost.  It’s a win-win arrangement. As Jane says, “Course development for today’s higher education is a team effort. Working with OAI’s instructional designers and TU faculty to improve teaching effectiveness is a win-win situation.”

Sara Tarr, Ph.D.

ClearAlignment Founder, Chief Learning Engineer



Learning Engineer, CEO


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