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Sara Tarr

Sara Tarr (Ph.D.)

Founder, Learning Engineer


With forty years of teaching experience in corporations, universities, and government agencies, Dr. Sara Tarr has extensive skill designing and managing learning initiatives. This experience shapes her in-depth understanding of long-term learning and performance.

She founded ClearAlignment in 2014 to help institutions develop superior courses that support both the learner and the instructor. Quality course design requires devoting time to develop course elements that can be embedded easily into the online environment. To facilitate this process, Dr. Tarr developed an automated instructional design tool that improves the online readiness of colleges and universities throughout the country.

Her determination to streamline the online course conversion process led to her current role as a consultant for Towson University’s Office of Academic Innovation, where she has been helping professors prepare for online delivery since 2017.

Ignorance can be a great strength and ensure that Sara does things differently from everyone else. But she still wonders about things like: If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?

Sage Hart

Sage Hart

Director of Innovation


Before joining the ClearAlignment team, Sage worked for a hedge fund in London and for a public relations firm in Washington, DC. He has a Bachelor’s in Finance and an MA in International Relations, both from Syracuse University. His business expertise helped our EdTech start-up design an appropriate marketing strategy. Sage’s personal experience with online learning complements his business expertise; he enjoys working at a company that is dedicated to realizing the promise of online delivery.

Sage consistently wonders why there is no word for the opposite of “warmth,” coolth perhaps?

Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers

Content Writer


Maggie Rogers taught high school English for two decades before stepping out of the classroom to deepen her knowledge of the technologies transforming today’s educational landscape. She has worked as a freelance businesswriter for Electrolux AB, Gambro AB, and produced sponsored articles for Maryland’s Daily Record, a business and legal newspaper. She has a BA from Princeton, an MA from University of Virginia, and is currently pursuing a certificate in instructional design at UMBC. Her work as a content writer for ClearAlignment bridges the gap between the education she enjoyed and the learning opportunities available to today’s learners.

When Maggie is not writing or reading, she enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and spending time with her family.

Gabriela Sousa

Gabriela Sousa

Communications Assistant


Gabriela studied foreign trade and business management, with a focus on marketing and branding. She is dedicated to helping enterprises achieve their objectives through the design, development, and implementation of mission-specific services. She brings professionalism, cultural diversity, and knowledge of online education to the ClearAlignment team.

Gabriela consistently wonders “Why do people press the remote-control button harder when a battery is low instead of change the battery?”

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