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About Us

Sara Tarr (Ph.D.)

Founder, Learning Engineer

After forty years teaching (high school, college and government agencies) and nearly 20 years designing and managing learning initiatives, I have seen opportunities and roadblocks for realizing long-term learning and performance.

Developing a purposeful and well-defined online course, which supports the instructor and learner, means devoting the appropriate time and embedding the applicable course elements into the online environment. To solve this dilemma, I knew that an automated instructional design tool would benefit so many people in the education and training world. But I didn’t know anything about creating software. However, I get it that I couldn’t be intimidated by what I don’t know.

Ignorance can be a great strength and ensure that I do things differently from everyone else. But I still wonder about things like: If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?

Sage Hart

Director of Innovation

Sage is a professional with a diverse range of expertise ranging from analyst at a hedge fund in London to public relations in Washington, DC. Sage brings a unique perspective to our team while he innovates the education sector and solves an online learning problem he has witnessed firsthand.

Sage has a Bachelor’s in Finance and is now completing his Master’s in International Relations, both from Syracuse University, NY. Sage consistently wonders why there is no word for the opposite of “warmth,” coolth perhaps?

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