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When launching a new online program, education leaders often provide faculty with a few days of training on the process. After this training, however, faculty often feel as though they have no clear idea of how to proceed or what is expected of them. AlignmentAssurance solves this problem by providing a well-defined process of what constitutes stellar design and implementation of an online program. But the AlignmentAssurance process does not solely benefit faculty–it also supports student persistence through the rapidly changing online education delivery system. Research on course and program alignment demonstrates a strong correlation to student achievement.

ClearAlignment’s integrated platform works with your people and your systems to create distinctive elearning experiences centered on student and instructor outcome goals. We do this by easing the burden of course creation with our automated course design tool. That’s just the beginning. Achieving and maintaining quality education at scale is why we created our three-pronged approach AlignmentAssurance.

Three Integrated Components of AlignmentAssurance

CourseAdvisory are coaching sessions for faculty that promote student-centric activities and online course management strategies. We use proven, powerful elearning methodologies to leverage faculty expertise and teaching approaches.

CourseMap is a course design document that represents the activities and assessments that support each of the learning outcomes identified for the course. It is created by the ClearAlignment platform and is the roadmap professors use when organizing their courses in the Learning Management System (LMS).  A CourseMap expedites the online course design process and ensures alignment with academic and specialized standards for learning, whether face-to-face, blended, or fully online.

CourseCalibration is a report providing course implementation evidence of what was or wasn’t done that impacts student learning outcomes. These audits compare the CourseMap with what students see in the LMS. We traditionally provide CourseCalibration reports at the end of each academic term that the courses are offered, however we can also generate a CourseCalibration for an existing course at the beginning of our engagement

AlignmentAssurance Process

  1. The road to success starts with a CourseAdvisory session with the professor.
  2. In ClearAlignment’s platform, the professor inputs the course syllabus.
  3. CourseAlignment automatically generates CourseMap as a downloadable Word document.
  4. ClearAlignment experts review CourseMap and notify the professor that the student centric CourseMap is ready to download and meet for a second CourseAdvisory session.
  5. The professor leverages the CourseMap while building/organizing the course in the LMS.
  6. At the end of the term, ClearAlignment team compares CourseMap with LMS content and prepares a CourseCalibration report.

Institution-Wide Benefits

Creates efficiencies for re-accreditation and curriculum review committees

Supports faculty who are new to the university and may not understand program expectations.

Fast tracks TU’s Gold Review

Improves student persistence and success

Helps scale design and implementation of online programs

Describes options for activities and assessments including Open Education Resources (OER)

Transforms any syllabus to emphasize 21st-century skills

Increases student engagement, retention and graduation.

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