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Streamline your program’s annual program reviews and the re-accreditation process.

How many hours do you and your teams spend on annual program reviews and re-accreditation?

Annual program reviews and the re-accreditation process are time-consuming and frustrating. Your internal team spends countless hours digging through syllabi to find the student assessments. Then they have to evaluate whether the class is in alignment with the relevant standards. It takes much longer than it should and puts all involved in a foul mood for the duration.

CourseCalibration is a review service that streamlines the annual program review and reaccreditation processes for your team and puts hours back in their day. Faculty and department heads can spend their time on more valuable teaching tasks and feel more satisfied with their jobs.

Alignment with Standards

You’ll know if the course is in alignment with:

  • Relevant standards
  • Quality Matter standards
  • Universal Design for Learning guidelines

Beginning-to-End Alignment

You’ll know if the course stayed true to the learning objectives from the start of the semester to the end of the semester.

Alignment with Course Objectives

Does the course that’s in the Learning Management System align with the established student-centric learning objectives? You’ll find out.

We’ve worked in higher education for a combined 120 years. We’ve been the faculty members assigned to the annual program review team. We know the headaches and feel your pain. It shouldn’t have to be this hard or take this much time!

  • 3,000+ courses audited
  • 3,000+ faculty hours saved
  • 30+ happy department chairs

3 Steps to Streamlined Reviews and Reaccreditation

  1. ClearAlignment evaluates the semester-end online syllabus.
  2. You review your customized audit report.
  3. Enjoy the time you saved.

CourseCalibration and faculty coaching are included with each purchase of course conversion for the first semester. CourseCalibration and faculty coaching services are available for purchase as a package for second semester and beyond.

Want to free up faculty time and rest easy knowing that your courses are aligned with standards?

Skip the frustration and time-intensive aspects of annual program reviews and the re-accreditation process. CourseCalibration streamlines it all for your team and puts hours back in their day. You receive a report that shows how the class stayed true to the syllabus and is still in alignment with the standards.

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