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Transform any syllabus into a clear course plan any student can follow.

Each CourseMap purchased includes faculty coaching and a course audit services for the first semester.

Get 10 classes online in two weeks with no faculty or staff training required. Maximize retention and save your school!

Worried about how faculty members are going to get their courses online, fast?

The answer isn’t uploading a PowerPoint and adding Zoom. You have an LMS, sure, but that doesn’t ensure a quality class or quality teaching. Like a lot of other universities and colleges, your faculty’s syllabi are probably all over the place. The typical syllabus lacks clear objectives. It’s focused on content rather than skills. Half the time, it doesn’t adhere to the relevant regulatory standards.

With only a traditional today’s students don’t always understand what’s expected of them. They don’t know how the readings, activities, and assessments support the learning objectives. They feel lost and frustrated and don’t learn what they’re supposed to.

When the online learning experience is so frustrating, they drop out of school or find another institution. In the time of the pandemic, you can’t afford to lose any more students. If you do, the school will not survive.

Start this semester with a better syllabus—a CourseMap.

CourseMap comes from a one-of-a-kind automated design software tool that converts any syllabus to a clear, student-focused set of instructions. After a higher-education consultant reviews and puts the final touches on the plan, the faculty gets a flawless syllabus. The learning objectives are clear and aligned with standards AND the course activities are aligned with the objectives.

With higher-quality and more varied activities, it becomes a student-centered class. Students know what’s expected, learn what they’re supposed to, and build key skills along the way. We give you rubrics that make any activity easy to grade. Our method transforms the way students experience e-learning. They love it! Students stay in school and graduate. The school maximizes tuition revenue and survives the pandemic.

Clear Learning Objectives

Students know exactly what is expected of them. They understand how the readings, activities, and assessments help them achieve the learning outcomes. The professor focuses on what the student should be able to do, know, and think.


Students learn high-level cognitive skills, like critical thinking and emotional intelligence. The activities include collaboration, technology integration, and productive professor-student conversations. It transforms how students experience e-learning, and they love it!

Aligned with Standards

The new class is aligned with all relevant standards. In fact, we audit the course organization at the end of the semester to make sure it stayed that way.

We’ve taught at the university level and know the pain you’re going through. We know many faculty who aren’t interested in online teaching and don’t want to be told what to do. We’ve converted our own courses to the online format and struggled until we perfected the process. We want you to avoid that struggle and make the process as painless as possible.

  • 1,100+ courses converted to online format
  • 100,000+ smart, satisfied students
  • 100+ proud professors

3 Steps to Keep Students Enrolled

  1. Send us your syllabi.
  2. We send you redesigned syllabi as a CourseMaps.
  3. Maximize revenue and save your school.

It’s that easy!

Each CourseMap purchased includes faculty coaching and course audit services for the first semester. Coaching and audit services are available for purchase as a package for the second semester and beyond.

Convert your courses to a high-quality online format easily and quickly.

What’s the alternative? You don’t convert classes to an online or hybrid format, or you go back to the way you were “teaching” online in the spring. None of that is good enough. You need to get quality courses online quickly, or your school may not survive.

With ClearAlignment, you can move 10 courses online in two weeks, with no faculty or staff training required. We write clear learning objectives that are aligned with standards and align every activity, reading, and assessment with those standards.

The process is quick, simple, and easy:

  • You send us your syllabi.
  • Faculty get the courses organized in the learning management system in a couple of hours.
  • Students get a quality online education and stay in school.
  • You maximize student retention and tuition revenue, and your school thrives.

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