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CourseAdvisory is consultations and workshops designed to promote student-centric activities and online course management strategies. We use powerful elearning strategies to leverage faculty expertise and teaching approaches.


  • The professor requests an advisory meeting after receiving the CourseMap,
  • Customized Momentum® workshops are presented virtually and  on campus.


Course Management Strategies

We offer consultations to help faculty optimize course management strategies that typically relate to managing time such as:

  • Allocating time for working on courses
  • Keeping a regular schedule of brief logins to read discussion items
  • Establishing a “day off” during the week
  • Thinking carefully about assignment due dates and test scheduling
  • Arranging virtual office hours
  • Setting a maximum response turnaround time

Instructional Strategies

ClearAlignment has many recommendations for instructional activities that elicit problem identification and solving, critical thinking, creativity, and negotiation. Some strategies we recommend are:

  • Cooperative learning involves small groups working together to accomplish a learning task.
  • Presentations are learner-presented assignments done individually or in small groups.
  • Panels are a way to include many voices on a subject. Students ask questions in Q&A sessions.
  • Brainstorming is a way to put thinkers to work. Present them with a situation and ask the students to think creatively.
  • Media creation such as videos, blogs, games can be public service response to an issue.

Professional Development

  • ClearAlignment supports your institution by providing access to curated resources dedicated to teaching and learning. Our Library’s mission is to prepare users to be lifelong learners in an information-rich society.
  • Momentum® workshops/webinars offer faculty flexible opportunities for professional development. Workshops can address course design, course alignment, creating and using rubrics, and more.

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