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CourseMap is a course design document that is a representation of the activities and assessments that supports each of the learning outcomes identified for the course. It is created by the ClearAlignment platform and serves as the roadmap professors use when organizing their courses in the Learning Management System (LMS).


  • The professor inputs into CourseAlignment the course syllabus.
  • CourseAlignment automatically generates CourseMap as a downloadable Word document.
  • ClearAlignment experts review the CourseMap.
  • ClearAlignment notifies the professor that the student-centric CourseMap is ready for downloading.
  • The professor leverages the CourseMap to build/organize courses within the institutions’ Learning Management System (LMS).


Student-outcome Focus

Students know exactly what is expected of them with a student-outcome focus. The student-outcome focus answers the basic question “How will this (content, activity, assessment) help students achieve the learning outcomes of the course?” The emphasis moves from content (what is taught) to outcome (what a student will be able to do, know and think). When the course has learning outcomes aligned to teaching and learning activities, students no longer wonder if what you are presenting will “be on the test.” ClearAlignment’s concise and measurable learning outcomes can transform the way you teach and the way students experience elearning.


Quality Matters Standards Alignment

Alignment is the idea of critical course elements working together to ensure that students achieve the desired learning outcomes. The concept of alignment is central to Quality Matters standards.  According to Quality Matters, successful courses are built upon solid, measurable course and module learning objectives. A professor’s instructional materials, course activities, and course tool selections  should align with learning objectives and support appropriate assessments. This design structure, like an architectural plan, lays the foundation for a quality learning experience.

Innovative, Stimulating Designs

ClearAlignment’s CourseMap transforms any syllabus to bring out 21st century skills, which are expected and highly valued in and beyond the university. These skills are:

  • Creativity, interpreted as both ability and passion to make new things and adapt to new situations
  • High-level cognitive skills such as problem solving and critical thinking
  • Emotional intelligence, which is the ability to manage one’s own feelings  and the capacity to understand and manage the emotions of others.

These skills contribute to different levels of creative knowledge, creative skills, and creative mindsets culminating in “creative confidence.”

Student-Centric Learning Goals

The key to successful teaching may well be clear articulation of student-centric learning goals and instructional objectives.  CourseMap facilitates student-centered courses that operate on collaboration, project-based learning, technology integration, and productive student-professor conversations.

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