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Maintain Program & Major Efficacy

Maintaining program and major efficacy is a collaborative process involving faculty, staff, and administrators. This effort respects the diversity of program missions and cultures while also recognizing the primacy of institutional mission.

The program review process involves collecting and synthesizing information to evaluate quality and identify opportunities. To help you realize your desired levels of excellence, the ClearAlignment team makes recommendations on actions and resources necessary.

CourseCalibration reports and SuccessMetrics dashboard facilitate program review, support strategic planning, and inform budget and resource allocation.


Improve Retention & Completion

The world of employment is changing at an accelerating rate. Successful graduates want to secure employment based on the knowledge and skills gained in a more compressed time period. Meeting these demands requires tools and strategies that result in increased retention and completion.

CourseAdvisory helps meet diverse student expectations for accessible, convenient, relevant, and just-in-time learning experiences and SuccessMetrics facilitates these outcomes in a cost-effective manner.

Discover New Opportunities

Using multiple CourseMaps is a good way to quickly and easily identify potential gaps, redundancies or alignment issues in the sequencing of courses and instruction. You can also realize opportunities in terms of cross-subject coherence across different academic areas.

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