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The ClearAlignment Story

woman professor and woman student

How is ClearAlignment different than other software applications? Here at ClearAlignment we develop our eLearning solutions based on the challenges professors face when transitioning to eLearning instruction.  Using that inspiration, we address the pain points professors encounter most. Perhaps you experienced a series of EdTech solutions that didn’t work out as planned. Or perhaps a series of successes followed by challenges like budget cuts and online competetion created new issues.

With the ClearAlignment approach, professors know we understand their course and learning goals. Consequently we ensure the heart of the course, and the voice of the professor is preserved. Next, our automated course design tool  provides professors with effective course maps for eLearning versions of their face-to-face courses. As a result our tailored approach eliminates hours of wasted time and frustration.

At ClearAlignment our mission is delivering student centered eLearning solutions. Our carefully curated designs focus on encouraging student engagement and increasing performance based outcomes. ClearAlignment works with you to make eLearning a fully satisfying learner experience. When we work together we make the impossible, possible.

THAT’s why we created ClearAlignment.

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