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This is higher ed’s moment of truth. Students have so many choices now.

Will they stick with your school?

Which of These Student Challenges Keep Your School From Being Number One?

  • Students often don’t see the relevance of the classes they’re taking and don’t feel confident that
    their degree will lead to a career.
  • They’re not getting the support they need from Career Services.
  •  They’re not satisfied, so they drop out or go to another school to finish the program.

You’re left with dwindling enrollment and tuition and a dubious future.

Students have so many choices. How does your program stand out? Transform your Career Services into the support system it should be with ClearCareer Pathway. Help students graduate and get their dream job. Your school will be the one that survives as we take learning online.

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Make Career Services Your Competitive Advantage.

A robust Career Services center can’t be a “nice-to-have” anymore. You’re going to need it if you want to survive the intense competition with dozens maybe hundreds of other programs that sound just like yours. You don’t need to build it from scratch. We have an online Career Services enhancement tailor-made for your particular degree or certificate. We help students create clear career goals, map their courses to the exact skills employers are hiring for, and perfect their interviewing skills.

Build Profitable Alliances with
Local Employers

  • Map of how courses match up to specific skills employers want.
  • A common vocabulary you can use when talking with potential employers.
  • A list of local employers that routinely hire for the jobs students want.

Help Students Make Great First Impressions

  • Interview questions, by job title, that are customized to local-area employers.
  • Multiple opportunities for students to practice answers to interview questions in text or audio/video format.
  • Practice interviews you can use to coach your students.

Be a Career Services Hero

  • Help professors build career-readiness skills into the curriculum.
  • Show students how their courses teach them the skills they need to get hired.
  • Facilitate students getting their dream job.
  • Make your school a number-one choice for students.

We Understand!

We understand how difficult it is to help students connect their degree program to the real world. They give up and drop out, or they switch schools. We care about you. We want all of your students to graduate and get jobs. We want your school to survive and you to be a Career Services hero.

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Show students the path.

Three Steps to Be a Career Services Hero
1. Buy your first ClearCareer Pathway module now.
2. Show students the path.
3. Celebrate your high retention rate.


Classes are relevant. They can graduate. They will find a job.

The typical vision of the student journey is a single, seamless trajectory, beginning at admission and ending with graduation. In reality, it is more like a highway full of roadblocks and traffic jams.

If you take the traditional view, you’re ignoring the problems students face and how those problems impact enrollment and the student experience. When students use the ClearCareer Pathway, we guarantee that your increased graduation rate will more than pay for the cost of the program.

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